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Command Word Usage

Command word manager(in laravel) helps plugins(individual functional modules) to communicate with each other easily.

Request Input

\FresnsCmdWordCommand Word Facades
FresnsEmailRequesting Object fskey, Leaving blank or filling in Fresns means that the main program handles the request
sendEmailCommand Word(Reference Fresns command word)
$wordBodyParameter list of command word parameters
// $parameter list = (parameter array);
$wordBody = [
    'email' => 'Mail address',
    'title' => 'Mail title',
    'content' => 'Mail content',

// \facades::plugin('plugin name')->cmd word($parameter list): Define the contract for the return object

Another way to write

    'email' => 'Mail address',
    'title' => 'Mail title',
    'content' => 'Mail content',

Request Output

codeStatus code
messageStatus information
dataOutput data
// Success
    "code": 0,
    "message": "ok",
    "data": {
        // Command word output data

// Failure
    "code": 21001,
    "message": "Plugin does not exist",
    "data": {
        // Command word output data

Error Code

21000Unconfigured plugin
21001Plugin does not exist
21002Command word does not exist
21003Command word unknown error
21004Command word not responding
21005Command word request parameter error
21006Command word execution request error
21007Command word response result is incorrect
21008Data anomalies, queries not available or data duplication
21009Execution anomalies, missing files or logging errors
21010Command word function is disabled


If you are standardized to use command word return results, you can use Fresns Response to help you quickly handle the return of the request.


$fresnsResp = \FresnsCmdWord::plugin('FresnsEmail')->sendEmail($wordBody);

Handling abnormal situations

if ($fresnsResp->isErrorResponse()) {
    return $fresnsResp->errorResponse(); // When an error is reported, the full amount of parameters is output(code+message+data)

Handling normal situations

$fresnsResp->getOrigin(); // Obtaining raw data
$fresnsResp->getCode(); // Get code only
$fresnsResp->getMessage(); // Get only the message
$fresnsResp->getData(); // Get only the full amount of data
$fresnsResp->getData('user.nickname'); // Get only the parameters specified in data, for example: data.user.nickname
$fresnsResp->isSuccessResponse(); // Determine if the request is true
$fresnsResp->isErrorResponse(); // Determine if the request is false
$fresnsResp->getErrorResponse(); // Get the error response object

Released under the Apache-2.0 License