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Enhance Laravel Apps: Organized & Scalable

Plugin Manager is a convenient Laravel extension package designed for modular management of your large-scale Laravel applications. Each plugin acts as an independent Laravel application or microservice, allowing you to define your own views, controllers and models.


Plug and Play

Register and mount plug-ins as service providers for easy decoupling and plug-and-play functionality.

Rapid Development

Provides development, control and management commands for convenient and fast plug-in construction via the terminal.

Effortless Management

Manage the installation, uninstallation, activation and deactivation of plug-ins using event listeners.

Independent Dependencies

Each plugin has its own Composer configuration, avoiding coupling with the main program for easier management and flexible development.


Plug-ins and the main program, as well as different plug-ins, can call each other's functionality using the Command Word Manager.

Ecosystem Support

Use plug-ins from Fresns application ecosystem or create your own to unleash your creativity with flexibility and freedom.

Use Cases

Plugin Manager has been used in the Fresns community app and has built an ecosystem of Fresns apps.

Fresns is a free and open source social network service software, a general-purpose community product designed for cross-platform, and supports flexible and diverse content forms. It conforms to the trend of the times, satisfies a variety of operating scenarios, is more open and easier to re-development.



Released under the Apache-2.0 License

Released under the Apache-2.0 License